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Hope, healing, connection, mental health


Welcome to Rose from Concrete Counseling & Wellness

Welcome to Rose from Concrete Counseling & Wellness, where our foremost commitment is to deliver expert and reliable clinical counseling services to individuals, couples, and families from various backgrounds. We employ an integrative and holistic treatment approach tailored exclusively for you. Our core mission centers on fostering a safe and trusting environment where you can be your authentic self, free from judgment. We embrace values of curiosity, authenticity, integrity, and compassion, using these principles to establish a genuine connection with you, collaboratively define treatment goals, offer inspiration, and instill hope while nurturing your strengths. Learn more about our clinical specialties and get to know our skilled clinicians here. 


Our online clinical counseling services are available to residents of Colorado and California, ensuring accessibility for those seeking support in these regions.

Aubrie C.

“Jamee was an amazing counselor. She consistently showed understanding and compassion, she challenged me in the ways that I needed. Her therapy techniques were effective and were tailored to what I needed. Jamee understood my goals and helped me reach a place of healing. I would recommend her to anyone."

Haidee & Jon

"Ms. Leichtle was one of the best providers my partner and I have ever had. She has definitely helped assist in our relationship and worked with us to improve our communication skills and HOW we speak to each other. She emphasized “love” and respect for one another. We have seen the affects of counseling and it was awesome!!! Thank you so much Ms. Leichtle! I totally recommend her as a therapist!"

Mary G.

"Very personable, sharp, skillful, professional, relatable person that can put me at ease. I can talk about my issues and she’s able to listen and suggest a way, or ways, that may help. Jamee is tactful and meets you where you are at. She's respectful and doesn’t make you feel strange, lower-than, incompetent, or at fault…I like her so much that I would also love my grandson to see her as mentor."
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